Hamburg, Germany

The Port of Hamburg in Germany plays a monumental role for Central European international shipping services. One of the top five largest ports in Europe, the Port of Hamburg lies about 110 kilometers southeast of the North Sea off the River Elbe. Long the most important component of the city of Hamburg’s economy, once Germany was reunified in 1990 it began to grow by leaps and bounds in terms of its overseas international shipping ability and importance to international trade. With a focus on heavy industries such as ship building, and manufacturing of steel, aluminum and copper, this port plays a critical role in the economy of this city.

During World War I and World War II, the Port of Hamburg created large fleets of ships but all was lost after both wars. After World War I, their fleet of 1400 vessels was demanded as reparation from the victors during the war, and the actual port was heavily bombed by the Allies during World War II. However, the port has rebuilt itself and is one of the major ports for international shipping to Germany. Today Hamburg is one of the most heavily used ports in all of Europe and the world with several international shipping companies holding operating offices nearby.

Some Interesting Facts About the port of Hamburg

  • Extremely large ports with natural branches of the river which form many different areas
  • Water depth of 35 feet in the channels and 20 feet for piers and docks
  • Major capacity for ship repairs and large shipbuilding enterprises
  • One of the major ports in all of Europe, sees large amounts of cargo including international car transport, international heavy equipment shipping, and international boat shipping.
  • Between 1850-1934 the port of Hamburg served as the gateway to America for approximately 5 million European immigrants. Today the Ballinstadt emigration museum chronicles this history

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