Hodeidah, Yemen

The port of Hodeidah (Al Hudaydah) is one of the most important ports in the Middle Eastern country of Yemen. Located on the Red Sea, Hodeidah serves as the main overseas car shipping port in Yemen. While the port of Aden is the major port in Yemen, over the years the port of Hodeidah has experienced an increase in development. In 1961 an improved road between the port and the capital city of Sana’a was built to help facilitate the ease of imports and exports through the port. A fire in early 1961 destroyed most of the city, and the rebuilding of the road helped to secure the city as an economic hub for international commerce. Today the total number of ships and cargo arriving into the berths of Hodeidah has continued to increase.

With connections to the capital, the port of Hodeidah offers strategic international shipping services to all of Yemen. Today, international car shipping service to Yemen is very popular and affordable. However, due to government regulations, the import of cars must follow very strict guidelines. In order to ship cars to Yemen, the car cannot be any older than 7 years and cannot be damaged and/or salvaged. In addition to handling the importation of cars, the port is also capable of handling international high heavy shipments of construction equipment and machinery into Yemen.

Some notable features of the port of Hodeidah (Al Hudaydah), Yemen:

  • The port of Hodeidah is made up of 8 berths and is capable of handling roll-on /roll-off (ro/ro) and container cargo
  • Every ship arriving into the port of Hodeidah must have the Republic of Yemen flag on their highest mast.
  • Before the rehabilitation of the port area in 1961, the port could only handle 100-15 ton ships at once; today it can handle several 10,000 ton ships at one time.
  • The Red Sea is known for being very windy. Before the modern port was built, the old port was open and vulnerable to the winds of the Red Sea. As a result the modern port was built inside a lagoon in order to protect ships from the winds.
  • Between 2011-2013 over 200,000 cars were shipped to Yemen

For more information about shipping to the port of Hodeidah (Al Hudaydah), Yemen please visit the Embassy of the Republic of Yemen webpage. To receive international car shipping, construction equipment, high heavy, machinery and construction equipment shipping quotes from the USA to Yemen visit our rates request pages.