Kahului, Hawaii

Located on the north shore of Maui, the Kahului port is the primary commercial port for the island. The port is a key feature of the island’s economy and boosts tourism by welcoming hundreds of cruise ships a year. Tourists can enjoy the island’s largest mall, the Maui Arts and Culture Center, and the beautiful Kanaha Beach Park.

The port is managed by the Hawaii Department of Transportation which oversees operations, maintenance, and development. This entity helps to facilitate commerce, provide infrastructure, and promote sustainability in port operations. For example, they are working on reducing emissions from port equipment and vessels, using cleaner fuels, using more energyefficient technologies, and enhancing stormwater management systems to reduce pollution. Furthermore, they hope to make the port a leading maritime port, expand the use of innovative technologies, and maintain a good relationship with the rest of the island.

Kahului Harbor has facilities for handling containerized cargo, bulk cargo, and liquid bulk cargo. It also accommodates cruise ships and offers berthing for various types of vessels. The most common imports are consumer goods, foods and beverages, construction materials (cement and steel), machinery (automobiles and trucks), and medical supplies. Frequent exports include agricultural products (sugarcane, pineapple, and coffee), fish and seafood, and crafts and local products.

Cargo can be handled by container terminals, Ro-Ro terminals, or logistics warehouses. Ro-Ro is often the most common because cargo is wheeled directly onto and off of ships. The method is more suitable for different types of cargo, including automobiles, agricultural machinery, and construction equipment. Container terminals are specialized facilities in pots that handle and transfer shipping containers. Cargo must be unloaded and loaded onto ships using machinery. One benefit of containers is that they are secure and standardized shipping in many different places. Lastly, warehouses support the storage and distribution of goods passing through the port. Shipments can be prepared and stored in these facilities. Logistics services take care of customs forms, coordinating shipments, and managing inventories to increase efficiency.

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