Koper, Slovenia

Port of Call: Koper, Slovenia

Approximately three miles from the Italian border, the city of Koper acts an important port city and national natural resource in Slovenia. Located on the Adriatic Sea, international shipping to the port of Koper allows Slovenia access to cargo from all over the world and greatly grows the country’s economy. Because of the port’s capabilities in terms of warehouses, terminals, and access, Port Koper is of unparalleled importance to the growth of industry in Slovenia and the surrounding areas.
Significant imports into Slovenia through the port of Koper are boats and watercrafts. Shipping companies can transport boats to Koper on cradle or trailer, depending on the type of boat and client preference. With an experienced company, transporting boats to Koper, Slovenia is easy because of the port’s efficient features.
Some notable features for the port of Koper, Slovenia:

  • While the harbor is considered very small, the Port of Koper can accept vessels of over 500 feet in length in its natural coastal harbor.
  • The port has 12 specialized terminals for different types of cargo including container/ro-ro, cars, general cargo, fruit, timber, minerals, cereals/fodders, alumina, energy, liquids, livestock, and passengers.
  • Port Koper provides cargo handling and warehouse services for all types of cargo.
  • In addition, the port provides comprehensive logistics support for clients.
  • The port is approximately 690 acres with 26 available berths.

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