Lagos, Nigeria

Port of Call: Lagos, Nigeria

The Lagos Port Complex is located in Apapa, part of the west Lagos island and is the major roll-on / roll-off port for Nigeria. As one of the leading ports in Africa, there is frequent international construction equipment shipping service to Lagos ro/ro port. Lagos port is one of the busiest ports in Africa with service to and from North Europe, the United States of America, South America and the Mediterranean. The port complex handles thousands of cars, trucks, construction equipment and other rolling stock each year.

From the 1970s throughout the 1990s the port of Lagos faced heavy congestion as international shipping services to Nigeria continued to expand. The effects of globalization, rapid population and economic growth led to the increased demand of imports from countries around the globe. Today the port continues to see growth in the import and export sector as overseas car shipping, container shipping, breakbulk shipping and high heavy machinery shipping continues to increase to Nigeria.

Some notable features of the port of Lagos, Nigeria:

  • In 2010 one of the largest shipping companies offering roll-on /roll-off service to Lagos, Nigeria, Grimaldi Group, expanded its roll-on / roll-off facility in order to handle congestion experienced at the terminal due to increased cargo volume
  • Several railway networks run into Lagos and serve the rest of Nigeria
  • Lagos is considered one of the fastest-growing cities in the world
  • Lagos island is the central business hub for Nigeria and easily connects the business world with the port facilities located nearby

For more information about the port of Lagos Island please visit: The Nigerian Ports Website. To receive international car, high heavy, construction equipment and machinery shipping quotes from the USA to Lagos, Nigeria, visit our rates request pages.