Manta, Ecuador

Although primarily a tourist port, Port Manta specializes in cargo shipping as well as tourism. Located on the Pacific Ocean on Ecuador’s west coast, Port Manta’s location is ideal for the import of cargo via container shipping, as it has direct access to international navigation routes and is centrally located for the distribution of cargo throughout Ecuador. Port Manta moves approximately 360 thousand metric tons annually.
Although Manta’s dominant industry is tuna fishing, the port imports and exports many different types of cargo in and out of Ecuador. Shippers often transport automobiles, construction equipment, personal effects, and more to Ecuador through Port Manta. For vehicles in particular, Port Manta can be accessed by several car carriers, including PCC, PTC, Pure Car Carriers, and Pure Car and Truck Carriers. This means that automobiles of all makes, models, years, and sizes can be transported into Ecuador from virtually all ports in the world. With a reliable international shipping company’s overseas shipping services, clients can transport virtually any cargo into Port Manta. K International Transport can help facilitate the shipment into Ecuador efficiently and for an affordable price.

Some Notable Features of Port Manta, Ecuador:

  • Port Manta has a yearly throughput of approximately 3,000 TEU.
  • Port Manta is in a geographically advantageous area, allowing for the distribution of automobiles to all regions of Ecuador.
  • Manta is a popular tourist destination because of its beaches and pre-Colombian regions. Additionally, its port is a popular gate of entry into the city from countries around the world.

An experienced international shipping company like K International Transport can help clients transport all cargo from ports in the United States (including New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas, California, and Washington) to Port Manta, Ecuador, via ocean freight shipping. K International Transport can help clients make important decisions about their shipments—including the choice between container shipping options and RO/RO transport—and can give advice about customs regulations in Ecuador.

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