Masan, South Korea



Located in southeast Korea, Port Masan lies on the shore of the  Masan Bay. With its efficient position, the port has access to the Sea of Japan, the East China Sea, the Philippine Sea, and the Pacific Ocean for shipments to and from South Korea from virtually every global port. Masan is a resourceful port with entry between the Changwon Industrial Complex and the free trade zone with the rest of the world, accepting both imports and exports via containers for easy shipment of automobiles, construction equipment, commercial goods, and personal effects.

Port Masan’s location, as well as its naturally protected harbor and abundant rail connections to major cities in South Korea, has made it a central international trading center since the port’s opening in the late 1800s. One of the major exports and imports of the port is automobiles of all makes, models, and years, due to the low tariffs at Port Masan and the short clearance times the port can offer. For clients transporting automobiles, the car terminal at the port offers an 80,000 square meter yard for the temporary storage of vehicles. .

Some notable features of Masan, South Korea include:

  • The cargo handling capacity of the piers located in Port Masan totals over 10 million tons.
  • The port is a very busy market center for the export of marine products.
  • Port Masan is expanding its facilities to adjust for higher volumes of cargo moving through the port.
  • Port Masan opened in 1899 due to pressure from Japan for open trade, and transported shipments of marine products, cotton, salt, and consumer goods.

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