Monrovia, Liberia

Port of Call: Monrovia, Liberia

With over 50% of Liberia’s population living in the capital city, Monrovia is Liberia’s cultural, political, and financial hub, and coincidentally its most important container terminal. Located at the Atlantic coast at Cape Mesurado, the Port of Monrovia is Liberia’s main port, handling a wide majority of Liberia’s imports and exports.
Significant imports to Liberia through the Port of Monrovia are school buses. As a post-conflict economy, Liberia is rebuilding a war-torn education system. With the import of school buses, Liberia is attempting to successfully transition into a new period of economic growth by repairing and developing an education system for its residents. With reliable international shipping companies and the efficiency of Port Monrovia, the shipment of school buses and other automobiles, whether by container or roll-on/roll-off (RoRo), is a big step ahead.

Some notable features for the port of Monrovia, Liberia:

  • The location of Port Monrovia is essential to understanding the port’s efficiency. The port is located along the Cape Mesurado peninsula between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mesurado river, whose mouth forms a natural harbor.
  • The economy of Liberia is dominated by the harbor at Monrovia, which was expanded during World War II. Apart from accepting imports from international ports, this harbor also contributes to transporting the country’s products, most notably iron ore and latex.
  • The port handles approximately 95% of Liberia’s total international trade volume.
  • The Port of Monrovia annually accepts about 800,000 tons of general cargo, and 100,000 twenty-foot containers.
  • As Liberia’s economic and political center, it is no surprise that around Port Monrovia you can find government offices and manufacturing plants.
  • As of June 2016, Port Monrovia is utilizing a new navigation system. With the help of this system, as well as brand new lighting and buoys, the port now has 24 hour access.
  • Port Monrovia accepts both roll-on/roll-off vessels and containers, so school buses, or any other cargo, can be efficiently transported to Liberia through this port.

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