Montevideo, Uruguay

On the southern coast of Uruguay sits Montevideo, a city home to half the country’s population and a key contributor to the economy. Montevideo is a free port, so there are fewer procedures around the circulation of goods, the length of storage, where goods are transported, and the taxes imposed on goods. The port’s main exports are beef, vegetables, dairy, and chemicals. They do most of their trade with Brazil, and the port is managed by the Administracion Nacional de Puertos.

Recently, the city received a $20 million loan to grow, modernize, and make the port more efficient. A new logistics base, Puntas de Sayago, also recently opened to establish the port as a major hub. It created more free space, relief from traffic, efficient cargo handling, and established a connection with businesses in the city. 

The port contains a container, grain, bulk, hydrocarbon, fishing terminal, and three berths. Additionally, the terminal, La Teja Refinery, handles the country’s oil processing. In 2023, the port updated the production mechanisms to be more sustainable, and by 2035 the terminal should be shut down to meet the country’s goal of zero emissions.

Quick stats

  • Port length: 42 km
  • Draft: 11.0 m
  • Container annual capacity: 1,200,000 TEUs
  • Grain annual capacity: 2,000,000 tons

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