Nassau, Bahamas

Known for its crystal-clear water, white sand beaches, beautiful art galleries, historical castles, and numerous forts, Nassau, Bahamas is not to be missed. Located in the northern Caribbean on the Arawak Cay, it is the largest and most visited port in the Country with around four million cruise passengers annually. The 300-year-old city sits just off the coast of the United States providing easy access. The port recently invested over 300 million in upgrades and innovations, making it a state-of-the-art port.

The port’s vision is to “consistently deliver excellence” and the mission is to “maximize value through people and development and technology.” The most common imports are minerals, food, machinery, and manufactured goods with 85% coming from the US.

The port contains six berths with a maximum length of 632 meters, a maximum width of 65.7 meters, and a maximum draught of 9.3 meters. The container berth takes up 32 acres, mostly for general cargo. The bulk berth is 7 access, with a storage capacity for 8,000 tons of cement and 100,000 tons of dry bulk. The break berth is 10 acres with a 25,000-square-foot cargo shed.

With any port, it is important to understand the customs processes. For Nassau, there is an average 30% duty rate applied to most products, and an additional value tax is added to specific items. The necessary documents include entry forms, proof of authorization, proof of value, proof of payment, customs forms, and import permits for specific items.

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