Oslo, Norway

Port of Call: Oslo, Norway

Oslo, Noway is situated in the southern part of Norway and serves as a strategic link between Norway, Germany and Denmark. As the largest city in Norway, Oslo has over 600,000 residents and approximately 50% of the entire population of Norway lives within 3 hours from the port. In addition to being the largest city in Norway, Oslo is also the country’s largest cargo port with 125,000 shipping containers loading and unloading in the port each year. Because Olso serves as the financial and industrial center of Norway, the port is able to accommodate a wide variety of international shipping services. Last year alone the USA exported over $4 billion worth of cargo to Norway.

While the port of Oslo handles container shipments, the nearby port of Drammen specializes in international car shipping. The port of Drammen is Norway’s largest port for car imports receiving over $90 million worth of passenger cars from the United States each year. Drammen handles roll-on / roll-off shipments, while cars are shipped inside containers up to port in Oslo. In Norway there is a large group of classic, antique and vintage car collectors who purchase vehicles from specialized classic car dealerships located in the United States. With several classic car dealerships and personal collectors in Norway, there is almost always a demand for vintage vehicles from the USA. Whether shipping cars in containers or on a roll-on / roll-off ship to Norway, the port of Oslo is well equipped to handle international import shipments.

Some notable features of the port of Oslo, Norway:

  • The port of Oslo handles container shipments while the port of Drammen handles the majority of overseas car shipping services to Norway. Drammen is conveniently located 44 kilometers from Oslo
  • Direct railway access is available from the port to other major cities in Norway
  • There are two container terminals in Oslo and the Sjursøya terminal will handle all container cargo in the near future.
  • The new container terminal at Sjursøya will double the capacity of the port by 2015.

For more information about shipping to the port of Oslo, Norway please visit the Oslo Port Authority Page. As a leading international shipping company, we provide cost effective and reliable international automobile shipping services up to Norway from the United States. For more information on international shipping services or to receive a shipping quote to Norway, visit our rates request pages.