Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Port of Call: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

The port International de Port-au-Prince is the main seaport of Haiti for all international shipping services. Port-au-Prince seaport is capable of handling container and roll-on/roll-off heavy equipment shipping cargo. On January 12th, 2010 a catastrophic earthquake crippled the port. The earthquake caused severe damage to the port resulting in the blockage of main access roads and the toppling of cranes and other port equipment. Due to the damage caused by the earthquake, demand for high heavy and construction equipment led to an increase in international construction equipment shipping to Haiti.

Today the port is capable of handling approximately 600 containers a day. The government of Haiti continues to take steps to restore port operations as best as possible.

Some Interesting Facts About the port of Port-au-Prince

  • Before the earthquake the port was handling approximately 200-250 containers a day
  • Handles 90% of all container traffic to Haiti
  • Construction equipment shipping and trailer shipping on roll-on / roll-off ocean shipping services is also available

For more information about the port of Port-au-Prince please visit: Port of Port-au-Prince Website. For competitive international shipping freight rates and transport quotes to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti from the United States visit our rate request pages, we will respond to all requests within 2 business days.