Santos, Brazil

Port Santos is located in São Paulo, Brazil, and is regarded as the largest port in Latin America. The port accepts cargo from every region in the world, and virtually all ports, because of its size, efficiency, and handling capability. Because of this, clients shipping to Brazil, or other countries in Latin America, should consider choosing Port Santos as the destination port. This is true regardless of the cargo shipped, because the port contains terminals for solid bulk, liquid bulk, containers, and general loads. In addition, Port Santos is closely located to several railway systems, allowing shippers to transfer their cargo easily from the port to other locations in South America. Clients should also be happy to hear that Port Santos is undergoing a revitalization, which includes deepening the channels, creating more truck storage facilities, and improving transportation systems technologies.

Common Cargo at Port Santos

Common exports from Port Santos Brazil include cars, machinery, soybeans, coffee, sugar, coal, and citrus, while popular imports include vehicles and construction equipment. However, shippers from the United States can ship virtually any cargo to Brazil. K International Transport can help transport automobiles of all makes and models to Port Santos, and all types of machinery and heavy equipment, including excavators, bulldozers, cranes, and dump trucks. Clients can choose between roll-on/roll-off (RO/RO) services and container shipping, depending on the type of cargo, whether it is wheeled or self-propelled, and the price of each option as well as the shipper’s budget.

Features of Port Santos, Brazil, Include:

  • Port Santos is Brazil’s most modern port, and will become even more modernized after its renovation is completed.
  • Port Santos handles about 28% of Brazil’s total cargo, about 97 million tons annually.
  • The improvements planned for the port are expected to take effect in 2024, and will increase the annual cargo the port accepts from 97 million tons to 230 million tons.

An experienced international shipping company like K International Transport can help clients transport all cargo from ports in the United States including New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas, and California, to Port Santos, Brazil, via ocean freight shipping. K International Transport can help clients make important decisions about their shipments, including the choice between container shipping options and RO/RO transport.

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