St. George’s, Grenada

The St. George’s port in Grenada sits on the southwestern end of the island and is known as the “spice of the Caribbean.” The port’s main exports are bananas, cocoa, and nutmeg, and the main imports are general cargo, food supplies, and construction equipment.

The port is governed by the Grenada Port Authority, which has done an excellent job of making the port a key contributor to the economy. Its values are integrity, accountability, motivation, service, teamwork, safety, and sustainability, which are becoming more important than ever for ports and marine industries. Its mission is to “administer the ports, facilities, and services in a manner best calculated to serve the public interest.” Lastly, its vision is “to be a leading provider of high quality and cost-effective services within the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States.”

Due to being thought of as the most beautiful island in the region, the island is one of the most popular cruise destinations. They receive around 250,000 passengers annually, and the number is only growing. In 2003, the Melville Street Cruise Complex began construction to build a new cruise terminal, which was finished by 2005. This new development was the largest in the port’s history and separated cruise activity from general cargo activity. The cruise area now consists of a northern and southern berth and can accommodate four small ships or two mega and one medium-sized ship at once.

On the cargo side of the port, it accepts bulk, cold storage, and container shipments. For bulk and cold storage cargo, it is most often transported from ship to truck. For containers, a container interchange form must be completed. Some dangerous cargo is accepted, but it must be declared previously.

Quick annual facts about the port:

  • 1600 vessels
  • 500,000t of cargo
  • 18,000TEU

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