Tunis, Tunisia

Port of Call: Tunis, Tunisia

The capital city of Tunisia is located along the Mediterranean Sea and serves as the country’s main shipping port. It’s central location in the Mediterranean Sea positions Tunisia between Europe and Northern Africa. Tunisia has the second and third closest points to Europe, thus creating numerous international trade and development opportunities with the European Union. Today Tunis is the main economic hub and the center of the economy of Tunisia with the majority of international shipping services into Tunisia taking place in the port harbors of the city. With a major railway connection from the port in Tunisia to other major cities, goods are able to reach other parts of the country quickly and efficiently.


In recent years, Tunisia has become an economic powerhouse in northern Africa. In 2009 the country was ranked the most competitive economy in Africa and the economy continues to grow. The bulk of imports into the port of Tunis are from Europe with over 70% of the country’s imports arriving from European Union countries. In 1995 Tunisia became the first Mediterranean country to sign a trade agreement with the European Union and was also the first country to enter into a free trade agreement with the EU. By 2008 the free trade agreement between the EU and Tunisia was in full effect with the abolishment of the majority of import duties and taxes on goods from the EU. In 2002 Tunisia and the United States signed a Trade and Investment Framework Agreement in order to discuss trade opportunities and investments between the two countries. Today the United States exports trucks, buses and machinery to Tunisia. Construction equipment shipping of bull dozers, excavators, and other high heavy machinery is available to Tunis from ports along the east coast USA.


Some notable features for the port of Tunis, Tunisia


  • Tunisia has over 7 ports located along the coast of the country, however the port of Tunisia is the main port for container and roll-on / roll-off cargo.


  • La Goulette is a major port located in Tunis, the port was originally built in the early 1500s and has been in service since then.


  • International car shipping services are available to Tunisia from the United States with affordable roll-on / roll-off shipping options available to Tunis and other major ports in the Mediterranean


  • In addition to container and roll-on / roll-off shipping services, the port in Tunis also sees thousands of cruise ships with passengers from several European countries disembarking in Tunis for vacation.


  • Thousands of buses and trucks are shipped to Tunisia from the USA each year utilizing heavy machinery shipping services on roll-on / roll-off vessels.


For more information about the port of Tunis and international shipping services to Tunisia visit the Port Authority of Tunisia Website. For international shipping quotes from the USA to Tunis, Tunisia for high heavy, machinery, car, construction equipment and container, visit our Rate Request Page. For more information on our international shipping services give us a call at 212-267-6400 or send an email to sales@kinternational.com.