Veracruz, Mexico

International Shipping to Veracruz, Mexico

Along the southeastern corner of Mexico, directly along the gulf, sits Veracruz, Mexico. While unknown among many commoners, the city is rich with history and tradition, and is a popular, established cruise destination. It is the most populous city in the region and has spectacular beaches and museums to offer. The city is the oldest colonial city in the country, as Spanish explorers discovered it in the early 1500s. As a result, the city has a unique mix of cultures with a prominent Spanish and Afro-Caribbean influence.

Port Veracruz’s Cargo & Sustainability Goals

Veracruz’s main port has been operating for decades and is considered a large-sized port. Last year, the port received 34.263 million tonnes, and its annual capacity maintains steady growth. The port is a significant revenue source for the region’s economy and can handle almost any cargo. They specialize in automotive imports and special, high-value cargo. Fifty-four routes connect Veracruz to 150 ports globally, establishing them as an influential international shipping hub. The port’s mission is to “Provide port infrastructure and services, with an efficient logistics model, which favors the optimization of costs in the merchandise value chains, generating greater profitability for the port and its trading partners.” They also focus on environmental sustainability, which is necessary for all ports to prioritize. The main goals are obtaining an environmental quality certification and reducing the port’s overall environmental impact.

Expansion Project

Currently, a major expansion project is underway. One of the main goals is doubling the port’s annual capacity. Additionally, the most prominent new feature is a center for transportation logistics which will help streamline operations. The 300-hectare area will provide space for businesses to operate out of Veracruz and thousands of jobs will be created as a result. The expansion also includes 25 new docking stations. The port hopes the project is completed by 2030.

Some Key Features of the Veracruz Port Include:

  • The maximum length cargo can be is 244 meters
  • The maximum draught cargo can be is 12 meters 
  • The maximum deadweight cargo can be is 74423 t
  • Cargo coming from the United States can take anywhere from one to three weeks to arrive
  • Cargo coming from Europe is expected to take anywhere from four to five weeks to arrive

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