Wallhamn, Sweden

Along the southwestern coast of Sweden, just North of Gothenburg and near Stenungsund sits the shipping town of Wallhamn, Sweden. The town is a major link in the Scandinavian trade network and the greater Baltic region and is close to industrial centers and manufacturing facilities. Dubbed a “One Stop Shop,” the port offers anything a shipper could need. See below for a flow chart describing the one stop shop process. It is the 11th largest port in Scandinavia and the third largest in the country. The town is a part of a greater archipelago offering scenic views and beach access. As a Scandinavian country, Sweden is praised for its livable cities, high happiness rates, and commendable work-life balance.

The first activity of the port was related to fishing and coastal shipping and provided a dock for vessels. After industrialization, forestry, and manufacturing became the biggest industries for the port. Recently, the port has expanded its initiatives to focus on removing its environmental impact and increasing energy efficiencies. For example, Agenda 2023 is the project to optimize quality and sustainability. They strive to be the “market’s role model in a sustainable way.”

Cargo can be handled by container terminals, Ro-Ro terminals, or logistics warehouses. Ro-Ro is often the most common because cargo is wheeled directly onto and off of ships. The method is more suitable for different types of cargo, including automobiles, agricultural machinery, and construction equipment. Container terminals are specialized facilities in pots that handle and transfer shipping containers. Cargo must be unloaded and loaded onto ships using machinery. One benefit of containers is that they are secure and standardized shipping in many different places. Lastly, warehouses support the storage and distribution of goods passing through the port. Shipments can be prepared and stored in these facilities. Logistics services take care of customs forms, coordinating shipments, and managing inventories to increase efficiency. The most common imports are raw materials (minerals), consumer goods, forest products (wood products and paper), and liquid bulk (petroleum and chemicals). These imports reflect the industries Sweden is most dominant in. The most common exports are other types of forest products (timber and pulp), automobiles, machinery (construction equipment), steel products, and pharmaceutical chemicals.

Quick facts about the port:

  • 15,000 m2 of indoor storage
  • 200,000 m2 of outdoor storage
  • 300 vessels handled annually
  • 16,000 TEU handled annually
  • 100,000 cars handled annually
  • 300,000t of cargo handled annually

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