Relocating to Panama – Discover our international shipping services!

Relocating to Panama – Discover our international shipping services!

The belly button of the American continent, Panama humbly stretches its borders to only encompass enough land to boast one of the most advantageous geographic positions among the countries of the world.

Although the diplomatic relationships between the United States and Panama suffered numerous setbacks throughout the 120 years of life of the Central American republic, its very birth was in large measure made possible by the firm support of the US government to the Panamanian people when the latter insurrected against Colombia in 1903.

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Today, local authorities fully control the Panamanian channel, which was strongly wanted, constructed, and administered by the US for decades after Panama obtained its independence. Nonetheless, North American retirees can still enjoy a number of benefits granted to them by the Panamanian government, as well as officially move their residence to this rather unique country.

Shipping to Panama with K International

If you are looking to have your vehicle and/or your personal belongings shipped to Panama but feel lost in the vast universe of international transport companies out there, look no further than K International Transport Co., Inc! Shipping cars overseas has been at the core of our business for three decades, and we have helped many people find the best solution to successfully send their household goods and personal effects abroad.

Our dedicated and meticulous personnel will patiently walk you through all the stages of the shipping process and will thoroughly address all your questions and concerns as they arise. With us, you will enjoy a level of customer service more akin to the one of a haute couture boutique rather than the one most international shipping companies can offer.

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With a net of trusted truckers and warehouses located in the vicinity of almost all US major ports (New York, NY; Baltimore, MD; Savannah, GA; Miami, FL; Houston, TX; Los Angeles, CA; Seattle, WA), we are able to move your cargo even from rather remote locations across the country to the port of loading from which it will then be shipped on a vessel to reach your preferred port of discharge in Panama (Balboa, Cristobal, Manzanillo, Rodman).

Work with K International for Transport to Panama

We know that relocating – especially overseas – can be an extremely stressful process, but with a freight forwarding company like K International, you can be sure to have a knowledgeable and trustworthy ally by your side.

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