Shipping Automobiles and Vehicles Overseas to Italy

Shipping Automobiles and Vehicles Overseas to Italy

Transporting a car overseas can seem difficult to those who do not have experience with international automobile shipping services. However, with K International Transport, the process can be easy, efficient, and affordable. With K International Transport’s overseas car transport services, shippers can transport automobiles of all makes, models, and years, including contemporary vehicles, vintage cars, classic autos, trucks, and buses to ports in Italy, including Livorno and Civitavecchia.

A reliable international shipping company like K International Transport can help clients understand the international shipping process, no matter what types of cars or vehicles the client decides to transport.

Italy is a popular destination for the shipment of automobiles, especially vintage and classic cars. Port Civitavecchia, for example, contains 28 berths and five warehouses, making it easy for shippers to rely on the port during the shipping process. With various development and construction plans, the Italian ports have been upgraded and modernized for the comfort and ease of shippers looking to transport cargo into Italy. K International Transport can help clients decide which port they should ship to based on location, price, and convenience. Both ports, Livorno and Civitavecchia, have container and roll-on/roll-off (RO/RO) capabilities, so all types of vehicles can be effortlessly transported to the country.

Classic and vintage automobile imports to Italy are often the most expensive because RO/RO vessels cannot be used. Because of this, vintage and classic cars must be loaded onto the vessel once it is in a container, rather than simply driven onto the vessel. However, an important benefit to shipping with a container is that other personal effects, such as household goods, may be loaded in the container as well and can travel with the automobile. Contemporary vehicles can often be transported via RO/RO, which can help save the client money and can make the loading process more efficient.

In addition to the cost of shipment, there may be tariffs imposed that are associated with the particular automobile being shipped. Luckily, these costs are sometimes refunded once the automobile leaves the country again. Cars transported to Italy can also face up to 10% in import duties and an approximately 20% value-added tax, depending on the port and the age and make of the vehicle. Clients may also need to retrofit their automobiles to European specifications, including various registration and licensing requirements. Other regulations imposed on imports may dictate the maximum age of the automobile that can be imported and the make or model of the vehicle. Additionally, the tariffs can be placed on various factors; sometimes the value of the vehicle is considered, and sometimes the size of the engine.

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Certain aspects of transporting automobiles overseas are very similar to standard international shipping services. Therefore, clients can benefit from understanding the basic procedure of overseas auto transport before delving into the various difficulties and differences that exist within the realm of transporting cars. With basic automobile shipping services, clients will be asked for several documents prior to shipping, including the original title of their car, their full name, address, and photo identification, as well as the consignee’s identification and contact information, prepayment in full (once all the costs are known), proof of the commercial value of the automobile, and a signed power of attorney form to allow the freight forwarding company to legally manage the shipment. Additionally, the company will need to know the desired date of shipment and the car’s location in the United States.

Shipment time can vary depending on environmental factors, delays at ports, customs clearance issues, and the speed of loading and unloading. A cargo ship can travel up to 670 kilometers a day, which can deliver shipments in a speedy manner, provided that there are no unexpected delays.

The process before the actual shipment of the automobile can take as little as one day to finalize. The client must submit the required documentation for the shipment to be scheduled. Once that is completed, the automobile can be on its way overseas.

Although clients may be overwhelmed by the concept of transporting often valuable automobiles, a reliable international shipping company like K International Transport can help demystify the process. K International Transport is an expert in the freight forwarding field and can relay important information to clients to minimize the burden.

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