Interested in Exporting or Importing? Important Considerations

We live in a globalized marketplace with goods being purchased around the world, manufactured in exciting locations and shipped to even more countries.  There is very little that can’t be shipped to another country and very few countries where shipments aren’t accepted, so if you have been considering getting into the import/export business, here are […]

International Construction Equipment Shipping to Port of Boma, Democratic Republic of Congo!

With a reliable and trustworthy international shipping company like K International, shipping construction equipment overseas, or anything else for that matter, is easy and hassle-free. When utilizing K International’s construction equipment shipping services, there are many options of equipment to ship, including bulldozers, dump trucks, cranes, excavators, and more, with different brands of equipment: Caterpillar AlfvanBeem Kobelco AlfvanBeem Komatsu […]

International Shipping Services to Port Cabello, Venezuela!

Shipping to Venezuela is easy, especially with a reliable international shipping company like K International on your side!  With our international shipping services, we can help you ship almost any cargo overseas to Puerto Cabello, Venezuela, including Automobiles (Classic, Vintage, or Contemporary) Construction Equipment (Whether its Caterpillar, Kobelco, or Komatsu equipment)  Household Goods  A Boat or Watercraft (Including […]