Interested in Exporting or Importing? Important Considerations

We live in a globalized marketplace with goods being purchased around the world, manufactured in exciting locations and shipped to even more countries.  There is very little that can’t be shipped to another country and very few countries where shipments aren’t accepted, so if you have been considering getting into the import/export business, here are a few important considerations.
There are better, more cost effective ways to distribute and market products in an overseas market without the cost of having to set up office overseas. Overseas places of business require a host of regulations, visas and other scenarios that make the option of exporting to or importing from another country prohibitively expensive.
It is also the case that your potential seller or American customer, if you are already abroad, may not want the hassle of overseas shipping formalities, thus avoiding the unpleasantries of customs other freight issues.  The paperwork can be formidable, but you shouldn’t let these issues put you off of importing or exporting.
What you need is an excellent middle man – someone to help file the proper paperwork, ensure your shipments are handled with the best of care and delivered with the proper letters of credit.  K International specializes in a wide range of international shipping services.  As a business that can follow up on purchase orders, ensure shipments are loaded properly, deal with import regulations, perform export customs clearance, consolidate any shipments at warehouses in US ports, collect payment, if necessary, and utilize our vast global network of reliable shipping companies, you will be in good hands.
Don’t let fear of paperwork or lack of an international office keep you from exploring the very viable – and lucrative – business of export/import.  You will find with a proper partner like K International, your shipping worries are all solved!