International Car / Vehicle / Automobile Shipping of Vintage Cars to Port Zurich, Switzerland!

International automobile shipping can be more stressful for clients transporting vintage cars because of the higher value, fragility, and importance to the client. However, with an experienced international shipping company like K International, the process can be easy, affordable, and efficient. K International can walk clients through the process of transporting a vintage car from any port […]

International Boat Shipping Services to Port Melbourne, Australia with K International!

International boat shipping services seem as though they may be hard to come by. However, with an experienced international shipping company like K International, transporting boats, jet skis, and other watercrafts overseas is easy, efficient, and affordable. K International can transport any type of watercraft overseas to Port Melbourne, Australia from any port in the United […]

International Construction Equipment Shipping from the United States to Port Shuwaikh, Kuwait with K International!

International construction equipment shipping has increased in popularity in the past decade. With the help of reliable international shipping companies, clients can ship heavy equipment in a container from the United States to anywhere in the world. Shipping to Port Shuwaikh, Kuwait is affordable and hassle-free, ship today! With K International’s impeccable international shipping services, we can help you […]

Overseas Car Transport Services for Vintage Automobiles to Port Bremerhaven, Germany.

Transporting vintage automobiles from the United States to Germany can be a stressful process. Vintage cars are often more fragile, more valuable, and more vulnerable to environmental factors, so owners are often worried to trust their automobile to an international shipping company. However, a company like K International is experienced and able to transport all […]

International Construction Equipment Shipping of Caterpillars to Port Mombasa, Kenya!

International construction equipment shipping overseas from the United States is a process that experienced shipping companies are well versed in. For clients shipping Caterpillar equipment to Kenya, the process can be easy, efficient, and hassle-free. Transporting Kobelco products to Port Mombasa, Kenya from the United States can be effortless with a reliable and experienced international shipping […]

Construction Equipment Shipping to Port Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates from the United States

Many clients are interested in shipping construction equipment overseas to Port Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. However, International construction equipment shipping can seem like a daunting task to those who don’t have much experience with shipping overseas. However, with a reliable international shipping company like K International, the process is hassle-free and affordable! K International can help you transport […]

International Shipping Services for all Cargo from the United States to Port Bangkok, Thailand!

Shipping to Port Bangkok, Thailand is hassle-free and affordable with an experienced and trustworthy international shipping company like K International. K International can transport all types of cargo with our international shipping services, including: Automobiles Construction Equipment Personal Effects Container Shipping And Roll-on/Roll-off Shipping K International can offer many overseas car transport services, including With International shipping services, […]

International Automobile Shipping in Bulk to Port Walvis Bay, Namibia with K International!

International automobile shipping may seem even more stressful to clients when the shipment is more than one automobile. However, despite the extra cargo, client’s don’t have to feel any extra work. With an experienced international shipping company  like K International, transporting cars in bulk overseas to Port Walvis Bay, Namibia is easy, efficient, and affordable. K […]