International Shipping Services for Transporting Goods Overseas

In modern day, people are much more dispersed, and may live far away from their friends and loved ones. With this global change, international shipping services have adapted, and include deals for shipping cargo to almost any country in the world. Reliable international shipping companies can transport cargo to Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America […]

What do Freight Forwarders Require for International Shipping Services

Before clients can transport automobiles, construction equipment, or personal effects overseas, certain documents and paperwork must be submitted to the international shipping company to ensure that the shipment can be successfully initiated and completed. The information that the freight forwarding company needs will include the full name and address of the shipper in the United […]

International Construction Equipment Shipping Services to Port Maputo, Mozambique for all Kobelco/ Caterpillar/ Hitachi/ Komatsu Products!

For clients interested in transporting construction equipment overseas to Port Maputo, Mozambique, a trustworthy and experienced international shipping company like K International can help clients complete the process easily, efficiently, and for an affordable price! Ship a bulldozer, a Caterpillar, a tractor trailer, an excavator, a wheel loader, or any other piece of equipment, K International can help. The cargo will get there […]