Largest Container Port in the World

When preparing to transport cargo overseas, clients should do a significant amount of research to determine the best destination container port for their shipment, the most reliable international shipping company, and the most affordable prices. Another measure that is less significant but can still affect the ease with which clients are able to see their […]

International Shipping via Halifax, Nova Scotia

Many experienced international shipping companies advise their clients to choose a port of origin in the United States because of the number of reliable and efficient container terminals available. However, clients can often find affordable prices for shipping overseas from Port Halifax, Canada. Transporting most types of cargo has become more profitable from Canada to […]

International Construction Equipment Shipping Services to Port Cabello, Venezuela for Kobelco/ Komatsu/ Caterpillar/ Hitachi Equipment!

International shipping is affordable and efficient with a reliable¬†international shipping company¬†like K International. With K International clients can transport all construction equipment, including Kobelco / Komatsu / Caterpillar/ Hitachi products to Port Jakarta, Indonesia. With K International’s international construction equipment shipping services, clients can transport bulldozers/ cranes/ excavators/ dump trucks/ stone cutters/ tractor trailers/ and […]