International shipping is often visualized as a transaction between the international shipping company and a lone customer. However, this is not always the case.
In recent years, international shipping has increased in popularity, not only among individuals, but in the professional and corporate worlds as well.
Many shipping companies offer international shipping services to organizations and professional groups, including businesses, universities, and non-profit organizations.
The typical types of cargo shipped for these organizations varies, with some shipments including automobiles or construction equipment for large jobs overseas, while others include more eclectic objects. These can be anything from science equipment to generators and a specific company’s goods.
The process remains the same. Whether the services offered are overseas car transport services, or they are more specific to the cargo being shipped, the company walks the customer through the entire procedure, including customs clearance, export formalities, ocean freight, insurance, loading, and anything else that may come up.

International shipping doesn’t always have to be between one person and a company. Reliable freight forwarders will ensure that the cargo gets to its destination quickly, efficiently, and for an affordable price, even when an organization is involved.