Many international shipping customers are interested in shipping to land-locked countries. Ethiopia specifically is a very popular destination for both roll-on/roll-off (Ro/Ro) and container service (FCL and LCL).

But how do you get a car, construction equipment, or personal effects to a country inaccessible by vessels? With most companies’ international shipping services, the cargo can be shipped to the closest available port. In this case, it is Port Djibouti.

The procedure is similar to the usual international automobile shipping or container shipping process. The company will first identify the closest and most affordable port in the United States, depending on where the customer is located. At this stage, the shipping company will most likely determine whether the customer is able to deliver the cargo to the port or not. Inland trucking and transportation services will come in handy for the latter option.

The shipping company will then take care of the necessary paperwork and export formalities in the United States. This includes communicating with the customer about any additional port charges and documents that will make the shipment run smoothly.

Finally, the cargo will be transported via vessel to Port Djibouti, where the company can help with customs clearance and import formalities in Djibouti. Unfortunately, the customer will need to arrange a method of transportation from Djibouti to Ethiopia with local companies.

Shipping overseas is easy with a reliable international shipping company, even if the country is land-locked.