The Advantages and Setbacks of Transporting Goods via Air Freight

The Advantages and Setbacks of Transporting Goods via Air Freight

Although international shipping services often include cargo transport via ocean freight, many clients are now opting for shipping via air freight.

There are many benefits to choosing the air freight option when shipping cargo overseas. Depending on the client’s transport preferences, cargo, and budget, shipping via air freight can be a very practical and efficient method of transporting goods overseas.

Air freight shipping is appealing to many clients because of the speed of the service. A shipment by air can take a fraction of the time as a shipment to the same destination on a container vessel. In addition to the fast travel time, shipping by air is very safe so clients never have to worry about damage to their goods.

Given these benefits, many clients are still turned off from air freight shipping because of the price. Although an efficient and reliable method, air freight shipping can sometimes be pricy. As well as the price, clients should keep in mind that not all types of cargo can be transported via this method.

While there are many pros and cons to both ocean and air freight shipping, the best option for clients is on a case-by-case basis. Depending on the nature and size of the cargo, as well as the client’s budget, a trusted international shipping company can advise the best way to transport all types of goods overseas.