Avoiding Scams and Choosing a Reliable International Shipping Company

At K International we understand that customers put their trust in us to provide the best international shipping services. When dealing with overseas car shipping, international boat shipping or construction equipment shipping you want to deal with not only the most affordable but also the best among all the overseas shipping companies. K International is among the top in customer service when compared to other international shipping companies. Do not only look at who has the cheapest car shipping quotes but make sure to check the following criteria when trying to pick a reliable international transport company:
– Is the company licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC)? Reliable international shipping companies should be registered with the FMC, fully-insured and bonded. The overseas transport company should be able to provide you with their license number and if not than they are operating illegally.
– Does the international car shipping company have a physical address and a reliable telephone number? Scam overseas shipping companies can quote you by email but only have a 1-800 number making it impossible to reach them. A dependable freight forwarder shipping from the USA should have a physical office location and should have this information provided on their website or on their quote.
– Did you receive your quote in writing? Always make sure to receive an international shipping quote in writing. A good overseas transport company will not only provide the quote in writing but will also list all their terms and conditions and should verify there are no other hidden fees. Always remember to read the fine print! Scam international shipping companies will quote you a very low rate and then come with a long list of very expensive additional charges when your cargo reaches overseas. Overseas shipping companies can then keep your cargo hostage until you agree to pay them the additional charges that were not originally quoted.
International car transport and heavy equipment shipping can be a relatively easy process if you hire a trustworthy international shipping company such as K International Transport. Contact us if you are looking for a car shipping quote or rates for construction equipment shipping from the USA. Also feel free to contact us if you any additional questions.