Bought a New Vacation Home in the Caribbean? Shocked at the Price of Furniture?

Bought a New Vacation Home in the Caribbean? Shocked at the Price of Furniture?

Unless you are lucky enough to live in one of the warmer areas of the United States such as Miami or Las Vegas, the chilly winter months can leave you a little blue.  But for those of us not willing to make the big move to the Pina Colada laden shores of Miami Beach, the next best option is to purchase a vacation home to run to during the winter months.  The easiest location for USA snowbirds to run to for a warm, blissful weekend to recharge is the Caribbean.  With several options for vacation homes in the Dominican Republic, Aruba, Panama, Bahamas, Turks and Caicos or any other Caribbean island, there is no longer a reason to endure the long, cold winter months.  

Imagine leaving the cold behind and spending your winter weekends on the shores of the Caribbean…

Now that we convinced you this is a great idea and you have purchased your brand new vacation home or condo, did you realize you either need furniture or you aren’t very happy with the furniture provided?  Okay, no problem, so you figured you would simply walk to the closest furniture store and see how much a new bed would cost.  As you walk into “Pina Colada Tim’s Furniture Store” your mouth instantly hits the floor when you realize the price of a queen sized bed.  “Man!” you think to yourself, “I have a great bedroom set at home that would look perfect here.  And how about that mahogany chest collecting dust in the attic… that would look perfect in the living room!”  

Folks, as the great reggae legend Bob Marley once said, “don’t worry be happy!”  I will tell you how K International Transport provides superior international shipping services to the Caribbean, Central America and all other vacation home destinations and can help you ship your furniture to your new home.  

There are essentially two ways in which we can send your furniture to your new vacation home overseas:

  • International Container Shipping Services – we can position a 20′ or 40′ shipping container at your home, loading dock or place of business.  You are given approximately 2 hours to load your furniture inside the container.  Once loading commences, we will deliver your container to the port for international shipping to the Caribbean, Central America or wherever your international vacation home is located.

  • Less Than Container Load (LCL) Consolidation and Small Package Shipping Services – only looking to send that small mahogany chest or other smaller piece of furniture to your vacation home in the Caribbean?  We offer inexpensive container consolidation shipping services.  When we ship your furniture using LCL services, your items are loaded inside a container with other items all headed to the same destination.  Instead of paying full price for an entire container that will be mostly empty, you will only pay for the fraction of the container space you occupy.  This is a cheap and simple way to ship your furniture to your new vacation or destination home in the Caribbean or other sunny destination.

Now that your furniture has arrived at your new vacation home, it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy a refreshing drink

So, whether you are shipping a dining room set, living room furniture, bedroom furniture or just a small mahogany chest, K International Transport can help you ship your furniture to your new Caribbean vacation home.  Have an extra car and wish you could bring it with you to your vacation home?  Ask us about our overseas car shipping services to the Caribbean or other vacation home destinations.  Feel at home in your new vacation home, let K International assist with shipping your furniture and car to your new destination.

For more information on our furniture international shipping services email us at inquiries@kinternational. com or by telephone: 212-267-6400.  We are also available on Skype: kinternationalny.  Visit our rates request pages to receive furniture and car international shipping quotes.

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