Buying a Yacht from Abroad? What You Need to Know

Despite downward trends from other industries, the boat business is in full swing.  There are more people ordering customized yachts than ever before, and much of that trend is coming from abroad.  If you are buying a yacht abroad, here are a few things you need to know before you go any further.

Consider the shipping as a critical part of the price.  This doesn’t mean you should necessarily go for the lowest rate, though.  Anyone can go online and order a boat, so shipping is a very important part of the value process in purchasing a yacht abroad. 
Consider where you are shipping from.  If this is the first time you have purchased a yacht and you are in Europe, for example, you probably want to look on the east coast rather than the west; otherwise your costs will be significantly higher.  This may seem like common sense, but many first time buyers make the critical mistake of not paying attention to the shipping location.
Be aware of the timing of your purchase.  Ocean carriers have regular schedules, and some first time buyers find that they end up paying storage fees for a time waiting for an available carrier.  Timing is everything here. 
Consider the reputation of the freight forwarder you’ve engaged.  The Internet is a good start in terms of checking customer service, but you need to follow up on serious references.  After all, this is an important purchase.

The best way to get the logistics right is to use a logistical expert. Whether you are shipping a yacht, speed or sailboat, pontoon, fishing boat or any other kind of cruiser, there is a shipping strategy to fit your budget and your needs.  Let K International take the headache out of the planning.