Chaos on the Sea?

While Christmas may seem like a long time away, now is the time where shipping cargo gets a little hectic in preparation for the holiday season.  And, just as in years past, the import percentages are set to increase.  Even though you may still be buying school supplies, the docks are unloading toys and other Christmas goodies soon to stock the shelves.  What does this mean for sea transport?  It means you may need to work with a good logistics company if you need to ship something abroad!
Now is arguably the start of a bit of chaos on the high seas!  No, it isn’t a pirate adventure, but container and cargo shipping can put a crimp in your attempt to move overseas, send business equipment abroad or import a car from another country.  Politely called “congestion issues,” sometimes costs increase, unloading and roll-on/roll-off services go up and the amount of capacity available and the level of freight rates makes shipping anything in the next few months a bit volatile.
Not to worry, though.  Working with a logistics company means that you can avoid the hassle of trying to figure out the best budget friendly way to ship your goods on the same carrier.  Working with K International means your shipment will get its own case manager from start to finish, ensuring you don’t have to deal with tracking the shipment from port to port.  You also avoid the need to worry about whether your paperwork is in order, the cause of much delay in shipping.

Whether you need to move a fleet of vintage cars abroad or pack up your entire household for an overseas business move, working with a logistics company is critical during this extra-busy time of year.