Classic Car Shipping from the United States

Shipping a Classic Car can be especially difficult because of heightened concerns about damage during any stage of the shipment. K International Transport has  shipped Classic Cars from the United States to Europe, the Middle East, and elsewhere for over 20 years.

When you are looking to ship a luxury vehicle, a collector’s item, or a personally important car internationally, it is important to choose the right shipment method from the very beginning. If you submit a request for a quote for shipping your vehicle, one of our staff reviews the entirety of the information and tailors it for your needs. When we notice you need a price for shipping a higher-end vehicle overseas, we make sure that we base our quote on, for example, a closed car carrier for inland transport, instead of an open carrier, in order to ship your car safely.

No matter your destination, K International takes pride in getting your classic car shipped overseas as safely, economically, and quickly as possible. To receive car shipping quotes for your Ford Mustang contact us by email at By phone at 212-267-6400 or by Skype: kinternationalny

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