The Difference between Transporting a Vintage Automobile and Contemporary Car

With a freight-forwarder’s international automobile shipping services, transporting both vintage and contemporary cars can be affordable and efficient, as well as hassle-free for the client. However, there are a few distinctions between transporting a contemporary car and a vintage car overseas.

Unlike contemporary cars, vintage vehicles are often non-runners, meaning they can no longer be freely driven. This poses various issues for international shipping companies. For contemporary autos, clients can often drive their vehicle to the port of origin in the United States, provided that the distance from their door to the port isn’t too far. However, for vintage cars, the clients often require inland trucking and transportation services to move their automobile from their door to the port of origin.

The method of overseas shipping also differs with vintage automobiles. With overseas car transport services for vintage automobiles, container shipping is often preferred over roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) vessel. This is because the automobile cannot be driven onto the RoRo vessel. In addition, clients often feel more comfortable knowing that their valuable automobile will be protected from the elements in the container.

Despite these minor differences, freight-forwarders can transport all types of vintage vehicles to virtually any port in the world without any hassle from the client’s part. The perceived difficulties of transporting vintage automobiles shouldn’t deter clients from overseas shipping!