Different Types of Shipping Containers and their Uses

Many international shipping companies can offer their clients container transport for their cargo. However, there are many different types of containers for different container shipping needs. Reliable companies are able to relay this information to their customers to ensure that they get the exact service they need.

A client can elect to get their cargo transported in a bulk container, which is 20 feet and preferable for cargo shipped in bulk. However, most clients end up selecting the 20 foot or 40 foot dry freight container, which is the standard general purpose container. There is also the 40 or 45 foot high cube container; with its 9’6 height, it is ideal for large, voluminous cargo.

Other types of containers include the open-top Container, the flat rack, and the platform, all of which are acceptable for heavy or over-sized cargo. With a company’s international shipping services, clients can easily determine which option is right for them. Generally, the open-top container is meant to make loading easier for taller cargo, the flat rack is for over-width and heavy cargo, and the platform is ideal for extra-length and heavy cargo.

With reliable container shipping services, the client will know exactly which container is best for their particular shipping needs.