Explore the Seas Like Magellan / Explora Los Mares Como Magellan! – International Boat Shipping Services to South America

Explore the Seas Like Magellan / Explora Los Mares Como Magellan! – International Boat Shipping Services to South America

Almost 500 years ago in the 16th century Ferdinand Magellan circumnavigated the globe and landed on the shores of Brazil.  Going forward to the present 21st century, the high-seas of South America is still a hotspot destination for exploring.  Being an explorer is not only a 16th century fad!  Even today you can cruise the Amazon river or enjoy the sun of Rio de Janeiro while on a sailboat or yacht. Still looking for the perfect sailboat, yacht or speedboat to help you enjoy the South American sun?  The USA is one of the largest suppliers of new and slightly used boats in the world.  For the past several years K International has provided affordable international boat shipping services to all major ports in South America including shipping to Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay and Chile.

Imagine docking your boat in beautiful Angra dos Reis in Brazil

Traer un barco de EE.UU! .Become a modern day Magellan and explore the beautiful waters of South America in your new boat or yacht.  International shipping services to South America includes roll-on / roll-off shipping to Santos, Rio De Janeiro, Zarate, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Iquique, Valparaiso, Callao, Guayaquil and Cartagena ports.  We offer ro/ro shipping services for boats on trailer and this is the easiest and most affordable way to ship your boat or yacht to South America.  There is also limited service for boats on cradle to ports in South America, and we can even provide a customized cradle for your boat!  Keep in mind shipping your boat on cradle is more expensive and you will have to take into consideration crane and other port handling fees (and these charges can definitely add up!).

Para transportar un barco desde EE.UU., envia el correo electr√≥nico a sales@kinternational.com.  For more information on our international boat shipping services to South America contact us today via email at inquiries@kinternational.com or by phone 212-267-6400.  Our skilled international shipping experts can answer all your international shipping questions.  For international boat shipping quotes visit our rate request page.  We will provide competitive boat shipping costs within 1-2 business days.  

Already in Brazil soaking up the sun in Sao Paulo? You can contact us via Skype: kinternationalny

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