Find Out How to Ship a “Munster Koach” Overseas! International Custom-Built Car, Hot Rod and Muscle Car Shipping Services from the United States

Find Out How to Ship a “Munster Koach” Overseas! International Custom-Built Car, Hot Rod and Muscle Car Shipping Services from the United States

The Munsters were one of the most glamorous families on TV in the 1960’s.  They not only dressed in high-fashion attire but also drove around in one of the most tricked out cars ever seen on television.  The Munster’s Koach was built by the renown custom car builder, George Barris.  Today, George Barris still makes custom vehicles for  Hollywood celebrities and custom car collectors.  But custom car collectors are not only located in the Hollywood Hills, but also they are all around the globe!  And when custom car collectors are looking for the next beauty to add to their car collection they turn to the various custom car makers in the United States.  And who can blame international customers for turning to the US for tricked out hot rods, muscle cars and other collectibles?  The US provides some of the best collectible cars.

Herman Munster had one of the most enviable custom cars known –  the “Munster Koach.”  Looking for your own “Munster Koach” to add to your custom car collection?  Read below to see how K International can help ship your custom hot rod, muscle car, or modified car overseas.

In the 1930’s the “hot rod” also known as a “street rod” became a cultural phenomenon in the United States.  Fast forward 80 years and today customized hot rods and street rods are still the envy of car collectors around the world.  Every year hundreds of international customers turn to custom car makers in the United States to build and / or remodel custom cars.  Over the years, K International has shipped several custom race cars, hot rods, street rods, modified cars, roadsters and muscle cars from the United States to Sweden, France and other European countries.  Our international automobile shipping service for hot rods, custom street rods, and roadsters is among the best in the United States.  With over 20+ years of overseas car shipping experience from the US you can sleep easy at night knowing your precious custom car will be shipped from the US safely.

But don’t just trust our word when we say we are one of the best international car shipping companies for hot rods, street rods, muscle cars and custom designed and built vehicles from the US.  Looking to ship a Ford Model T from the United States?  We can help!  Not sure which international car transport company can ship your hot rod safely from the US to Europe?  Stop your search now –  because we are the best!  Check out some of the custom and collectible vehicles we have shipped overseas:

We may not have shipped Herman Munster’s car, but we did ship this pristine 1927 Ford Model T overseas from the United States.
We weren’t kidding when we said we offer some of the best international shipping services for custom-built hot rods and street rods.  We shipped this custom built hot rod to Europe a few years ago and it arrived without a scratch!

Among the international shipping services we offer from the United States for customers looking to ship valuable custom built race cars, muscle cars, roadsters, street rods, modified cars and hot rods include:

  • Inland pick-up an transportation service.  We can pick-up your custom hot rod or Ford Model T from anywhere in the continental USA and deliver it to port for international car shipping.  We offer enclosed car carrier service to protect your custom-built and one-of-a-kind vehicle during inland transportation.
  • Professional international container shipping service for collectible vehicles.  We provide customized container loading service for our custom-built cars to make sure all sides of the vehicle are well protected against scratches and dents.
  • Reliable and safe roll-on / roll-off car shipping service

Shipping custom-built and collectible vehicles from the United States is our specialty.  As one of the best automobile shipping companies in the US we will ship your collectible Ford Model T or customized hot rod at the best international car shipping prices available. 

The Munster Family is one of the most famous collectors of customized vehicles.  With reliable international hot rod and customized vehicle shipping services from K International you too can be a collector!. 

To receive international car shipping quotes to ship your custom hot rod or collectible car from the United States send your rate request to  For more information on the international car shipping services we offer click here to visit our website.  If you have any questions on our international hot rod and customized car shipping services or shipping costs, give us a call at 212-267-6400 or on Skype: kinternationalny

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