Friday the 13th, Beware!

Friday the 13th, Beware!

It is Friday the 13th, and what many people call the unluckiest day of the year. Some Americans simply enjoy telling myths about this fateful day, but others take it seriously, going as far as to refusing to leave their houses. 

 K International Transport believes, however, that international shipping services don’t have to suffer, even on the unluckiest days. 

Here are the most popular Friday the 13th myths, and how we work to avoid unlucky situations:

Don’t Walk Under the Ladder!
Walking under a ladder is said to bring bad luck or increased risk of injury. Technically this is true, I mean who would want to be responsible for injuring a carpenter who’s just trying to do their job? If you’re still worried, however, we promise that there will be no ladder-obstacles when you try to ship your cargo overseas. Unless you want that of course! In that case, you can ship as many ladders as you want along with construction equipment with the help of our heavy equipment shipping services.

Beware of a Black Cat Crossing your Path!
Black cats make wonderful pets, but this is not so on Friday the 13th, according to  friggatriskaidekaphobics (people afraid of Friday the 13th)! This myth most likely originates from the association of black cats to witches all throughout historic legends. Again, K International Transport promises not to have any black cats board the vessels and containers. Besides, it’s against international shipping regulations! 

Don’t Break that Mirror! 
According to this myth, breaking a mirror will bring you seven years of bad luck! How unforgiving! This myth comes from the idea that mirrors don’t just show your reflection, but also hold bits of your soul.
But again, no worries! With K International Transport, you can ship your cargo, including any automobiles with our overseas car transport, and expect it to reach its destination without a scratch! We accomplish this with containerized shipping, which keeps your car safe and sound throughout its journey!

Knock on Wood
Finally, for some good news! If you happen to come upon any bad fate, simply knock on wood to ward it off. This originated from the idea that good spirits lived in trees, and knocking on wood would somehow wake them.
With K International Transport, there’s no need to knock on wood, you are protected regardless! Bad luck doesn’t follow us, just ask any of our customers! We are one of the most reliable international shipping companies, so choosing us to ship your belongings is similar to knocking on wood!

Knocking on wood can save you from bad fate, but so can choosing K International Transport!

So no matter how superstitious you are, you know K International Transport always has your best interests at heart. No matter where and what you are shipping, we will find you an affordable rate which will leave you feeling lucky. Call us today at (212) 267-6400, reach out to us on skype at kinternationalny, or email us at For an international shipping quote from the United States to Europe, Asia, Africa, or South America, visit our rate request page.