Head to Europe in Your RV!

There is something special about people who love their RVs.  That sense of adventure, getting up close and personal with nature and seeing it all on your own time is what makes people love their RV experiences.  But why not take your RV outside of the United States and explore what other countries have to offer?  It’s easier – and more budget friendly – than you might think.
There are lots of great reasons to take an RV adventure in Europe.  For one thing, you can save a lot of money on hotel and restaurant expenses, which can eat up a lot of your travel funds.  You have the freedom to figure out what you want to see and when.  If you are planning a trip of a few weeks or more, then your RV can make a great difference to your trip.
The costs you will incur by shipping your RV are small compared to the hotel expenses and other public transportation fees you will pay without your RV.  Your RV can be picked up from any location – even from your home – and transported to the proper port for your trip.  Once at the port of departure, it will be carefully loaded onto the ship, probably with roll-on/roll off or flat-rack methods, and will be treated quite carefully during the journey.
If you decide to transport your RV abroad, here are a few packing hints.  Do not try to store additional items in the RV as a way to get them abroad.  This actually creates a safety hazard in shipping the RV.  So as tempting as it may be, don’t stuff it full of stuff!  Follow any directions regarding emptying the gas tank, disconnecting the battery, etc.  These are also important safety precautions.

Working with a shipping expert means that all you have to do is get yourself there – and we will take care of the rest!  You could even store it there for your next trip!