How Common is Freight Forwarding?

International shipping services are highly sought after for the transport of all cargo, including automobiles, construction and high-heavy equipment, boats, and personal effects. However, many do not realize that that freight forwarding is one of the world’s most profitable industries and exactly how many people transport cargo in and out of the United States on a yearly basis. With the top-earning companies making almost as much profit as Apple, the industry is ever-expanding and increasingly profitable, especially within the globalized world economy.

One reason for the profitability and reliability of the international shipping industry is the wealth of experience and knowledge that effective international shipping companies have of their shippers, suppliers, and international ports. In the logistics and transportation industries, where clients have varying and diverse interests and requests, this knowledge is imperative in keeping the operation afloat and ensuring that customers, both individuals and companies, get what they pay for.

Additionally, the freight forwarding field thrives on communication between various industries, middlemen, and foreign countries to offer clients the international shipping services they seek. For example, if a client intends to transport an automobile to Port Alexandria, Egypt from a Port in New York, the company must communicate with the shipper, the consignee who will retrieve the cargo, the New York Port that will be responsible for transporting the automobile, an inland trucking and transportation company if the client requests services to move their car from their warehouse to New York, and Port Alexandria to abide by the rules and customs regulations unique to each country.

This shouldn’t intimidate clients. Instead, clients should understand the attention and knowledge required to function within such a high-profiting industry, and remain calm knowing that their cargo is in good hands.