How Do I Ship a Car to Romania?

How Do I Ship a Car to Romania?

If you need to ship a car to Romania, K International transport can help you. Shipping a car to Romania, or moving an entire household can be daunting, but K International Transport will guide you through the entire process step-by-step. International car shipping is our business, and we are ready to answer all your questions about this important decision.

Port of Constanta as seen from Space.

The major port in Romania is Constanta, which lies on the Black Sea at the Southeastern end of Romania. Constanta is in fact the largest port on the Black Sea and one of the largest in Europe. There are quite a few service options for international car shipping to Constanta, Romania, and K International Transport has the experience you need in an international shipping company to guide you to the service that is best for you.

There are two main ways of shipping a car overseas. The first and most common is Roll On / Roll Off (RoRo) service. This service uses specialized ocean vessels made for transporting vehicles and other rollable cargo. Each vessel is equipped with a built-in ramp that makes loading and unloading of the vessel very simple. The inside of the vessel is akin to a parking garage, with each car being strapped and braced down under deck. This type of vessel is very good for transporting wheeled or tracked construction equipment as well as normal passenger vehicles.

The shipyard in Constanta, Romania

The second method is to load the vehicle inside a 20′ or 40′ shipping container. One of the benefits of shipping inside a container is that you may load the vehicle and the container itself with other items you would like to transport, just make sure to make detailed list. Also, there are usually more service options for container shipping than Roll On / Roll Off shipping, though both services are available for international shipping to Constanta, Romania.

If you are interested in shipping your car or other items to Romania, please contact K International Transport today. Please visit our online rate request form for the fastest way to get your international car shipping price. Otherwise you can call (212) 267-6400 and speak with one of our team members.