How K International’s Overseas Car Shipping Service and the Chevy Camaro Will Help You Build Your Social Network

How K International’s Overseas Car Shipping Service and the Chevy Camaro Will Help You Build Your Social Network

Anyone looking to add to their cool factor knows the #1 car to aid in this endeavor is the Chevrolet Camaro.  If the Chevy Camaro can launch the career of Sean Penn in his breakout role as high school student Jeff Spicoli in “Fast Times of Ridgemont High”, then imagine the possibilities for you.  The Chevrolet Camaro has always been a classic and when it was relaunched in 2010 international buyers jumped at the opportunity to own the iconic car. In 2011 the Camaro even earned the illustrious title as the “Most Popular Sports Car” on Facebook with over 2.7 million fans and counting.  Think about all the fans you can earn when you are spotted driving in Dubai with your new Chevy Camaro.  In the past few years we have shipped several Chevrolet Camaro’s and we have the expertise to handle your precious cargo.  When looking to ship your Camaro overseas trust one of the best automobile shipping companies in the United States, K International!

Camaro lovers around the world almost had a heart attack after Sean Penn’s character Jeff Spicoli in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High crashed this beloved Camaro.  But “Dude” who knew crashing a beloved Camaro could lead to a 30 year acting career and two Academy Awards…

When looking to ship your Camaro overseas consider the three options you have for international car shipping services:

  1. Roll-On / Roll-Off Shipping – the steamship line drives your Camaro under the deck of a car carrier vessel and safely secures your car.  Ro/Ro international car shipping is the least expensive way to ship your Camaro and this service is available to several destinations around the world.
  2. Ocean Container Shipping – this method is one of the most popular ways we ship Camaro’s.  One of our licensed and professional warehouses specializing in loading automobiles into containers, loads your Camaro into its own container for overseas car shipping.  Only your car will go in the container and you do not have to worry about any other person touching your car during its international shipping transit.  Automobile container shipping service is also available to more destinations than ro/ro shipping.
  3. Airfreight Shipping – we have had customers with custom-made Camaros, and usually they mean business.  Air shipping is the fastest way to ship your Camaro overseas.  Airfreight shipping for your car is available to all major airports around the world.

We have shipped several Chevrolet Camaros overseas…Why not consider buying a pair?

 When looking to ship your Chevy Camaro from the United States to almost any destination in the world, contact K International Transport Co.  Visit our automobile rates request page to submit your request for a overseas car shipping quote.  We are also available by email at / Telephone: 212-267-6400 / Skype: kinternationalny

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