How to Ship a Car to Saudi Arabia

Suffering from the increase in gas prices in the United States?  Consider driving in Saudi Arabia!  Home to one of the largest gas supplies in the world, it is no wonder we have so many customers shipping cars to Saudi Arabia.  Need help shipping a car to Saudi Arabia?  With several years of overseas car shipping experience to Saudi Arabia, we can help you ship your car.  

Interestingly enough, two of the most popular vehicles being shipped from the United States to Saudi Arabia are Ford Crown Victoria’s and Lincoln Town Car’s.  Although the Crown Victoria and Town Car were popular back when your parents were young, they are still very popular in several Middle Eastern countries including Saudi Arabia.  Considered roomy, reliable and easy to maintain, Saudi Arabian car enthusiasts comb the USA for affordable Ford Crown Victoria’s and Lincoln Town Car’s to buy and ship from the United States to Saudi Arabia.  In fact, when the last Ford Crown Victoria rolled off the assembly line, the lucky buyer was a customer in Saudi Arabia.

In September of 2011, Ford Motor Company rolled out the last
Ford Crown Victoria on its assembly line. 
This piece of history was shipped to a customer in Saudi Arabia.

As one of the best automobile shipping companies shipping cars to Saudi Arabia, we offer very affordable car shipping services to the ports of Dammam and Jeddah.  The cheapest way to send a car to Saudi Arabia is via roll-on / roll-off shipping.  We can pick-up your car from anywhere in the United States, deliver to port and ship to Saudi Arabia.

Need international car shipping quotes to Saudi Arabia? Contact K International by email at or on Skype: kinternationalny.  You can also visit our automobile rate request page to send in your request for a overseas car shipping quote.  We will respond to all rate requests within 1-2 business days. Skype Me™!