How to Ship A Toyota Corolla to Nigeria

As one of the best selling cars in history, the Toyota Corolla remains in high demand all over the world. It is no surprise that that a country on the rise like Nigeria is one of the most common destinations for Toyota Corollas from the United States. Buying a used one in the United States and shipping a Toyota Corolla to Lagos, Nigeria is economical, and solves the problem of local availability of Toyota Corollas in Nigeria. Shipping a Toyota Corolla to Nigeria has never been easier!

You can browse online auction sites like eBay to find the right Toyota Corolla for you, then come to K International Transports Rate Request page, input the information (e.g. make/model/year, location of origin), and we will deliver the best car shipping quote we can in no time at all. Now you can judge for yourself what Toyota Corolla would be best to ship to Nigeria, taking into account the cost of vehicle and the cost to move the car overseas.

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