How to ship BMW M3 to Jebel Ali, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

At K International Transport, we understand how important your car can be to you, whether for personal reasons, your livelihood, or both. We have helped customers ship their cars internationally, in particular exotic vehicles, luxury cars, and classic cars. The shipping process starts with an international car shipping quote for shipping a BMW M3 to Jebel Ali, Dubai, or other ports in the United Arab Emirates. K International Transport can offer RoRo or container shipping to ship your BMW M3 from the United States to Jebel Ali, Dubai, or other destinations in the UAE. 

RoRo service is one of the most secure and economical ways of overseas car shipping. In RoRo shipping, vehicles are driven onto a specialized vessel that is equipped with a ramp and a underdeck compartment for storage of cars and other vehicles.

A white BMW M3

For shipping multiple vehicles overseas to the same destination, K International Transport can provide you with the cost for shipping cars in a container to Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE. You can also chose to ship your car overseas in a container by itself, or with other personal effects. If you ship by RoRo to Jebel Ali, you will not be able to keep any personal items inside the vehicle, but if you choose to ship your car overseas in a container, you may load it with other items, per approval of the steamship line.

Port of Jebel Ali, located 35 kilomters southwest of the city of Dubai

Please contact us today to request an international car shipping price quote. Send an email price quote request to, call us at (212) 267-6400 or go to our online rate request form. K International is your source for advice on how to ship a car to Dubai, or other locations in the United Arab Emirates.