How to Ship Dump Trucks from the United States

International construction equipment shipping includes the overseas transport of an extensive variety of cargo including trucks, bulldozers, concrete mixers, cranes, dump trucks, earth movers, excavators, forklifts, generators, log loaders, motor graders, tractors, travel trailers, RV’s, wheel loaders, semi trucks, tractor trailer shipping from the USA. However, one commodity that is in high demand is the international shipping of dump trucks.
One of the international shipping services K International Transport Co offers is the overseas shipping of all types of dump trucks including: standard dump trucks, articulated dump trucks, transfer dump trucks, truck and pup, superdump trucks, semi trailer end dump trucks, semi trailer bottom dump trucks, double and triple trailer bottom dump trucks, side dump truck, and off road dump truck from the United States. We offer heavy equipment shipping of dump trucks from all major ports in the United States to most worldwide destinations in Europe, West Africa, North Africa, Middle East, South America, Asia and more! We specialize in the construction equipment shipping of dump trucks from the United States to popular ports including Lagos, Nigeria; Tema, Ghana; Antwerp, Belgium; Alexandria, Egypt; Mombasa, Kenya; and Cartagena, Colombia.
Customers who purchase dump trucks at heavy machinery auctions, online auction sites such as Ritchie Brothers and Ebay, and from heavy machinery dealers oftentimes need the professional services one of the leading overseas shipping companies. K International Transport is here to help you ship that oversized Caterpillar off road dump truck or articulated and standard dump trucks from Volvo, John Deere, and Moxy from the United States to your overseas destinations. Here we offer a few insider tips for construction equipment shipping of dump trucks:
– When buying a dump truck at an auction that you want to ship overseas make sure the truck is in good operating condition and is drivable, has no leaks and working breaks
– Part of the international shipping services we offer customers when shipping their dump trucks internationally is to make sure the truck is free of excess dirt. K International Transport will make sure your construction equipment is cleaned before it reaches the port saving you the headache of your truck being denied by the port or paying expensive fees to have the truck washed at the port.
– Make sure to properly indicate what type of dump truck you are shipping overseas. Standard dump trucks and articulated dump trucks are frequently priced differently!
The above are just a few insider tips we offer as one of the premier international shipping companies in the USA. Visit our construction equipment shipping information page to see what other shipping services we offer. You can also submit your international heavy equipment shipping rate requests on our rate request page.