How to Ship Furniture Overseas to Port Oslo, Norway (or Any Port in Europe) with International Container Shipping

When people think of international shipping, they usually picture an automobile or construction equipment shipped overseas. However, that is not always the case. 

Although a reliable international shipping company like K International can offer great international shipping services and construction equipment shipping services, it is also possible to ship household goods like furniture overseas

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K International can offer many international shipping services for the transport of personal effects and furniture overseas to Port Oslo, Norway, including: 

  • Shipping a 20′, 40′, or 45′ container (depending the size and quantity of your cargo) overseas to Port Oslo
  • Shipping out of any port in the United States, including from those in New York, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Texas, California, Washington, or more!
  • Help with loading and unloading the container in the U.S port and in Oslo upon arrival. 
  • Customs Clearance and export formalities in the United States
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