How to Ship Motor Graders Overseas

How to Ship Motor Graders Overseas

We’ve posted about our  superior international shipping services for cars, boats, excavators, motorcycles and even butcher shops; but of course it doesn’t stop there!  Another piece of construction equipment very popular in overseas shipping is motor graders.  Whether you are buying Caterpillar motor graders at auction, on ebay or from a dealer, we can help you ship your motor grader overseas from the USA. 

We offer affordable international shipping services for motor graders. 
We recently shipped this Caterpillar 143H Motor Grader overseas.

K International offers international motor grader construction equipment shipping from the United States to several destinations around the world.  We offer competitive motor grader shipping rates to ports in Africa, Europe, South America and more.  We have shipped motor graders from the United States using affordable ro/ro and container shipping service.  Roll-on / Roll-off (ro/ro) shipping for motor graders is the easiest and cheapest way to ship a motor grader.  When shipping by ro/ro, construction equipment is driven onto specialized ro/ro ships and secured inside the vessel.  When the motor grader arrives at the port overseas it is simply driven off of the vessel.

We also provide container dismantling service for motor graders.  Shipping your motor grader to a destination that does not provide ro/ro service?  Ro/Ro shipping costs for your motor grader too high?  International container dismantling shipping for motor graders is a cost effective way to ship your motor grader overseas.  Furthermore, container shipping is available to more destinations than ro/ro shipping services.

Motor Graders can also be dismantled for shipping internationally in ocean containers.
We shipped this Caterpillar 120G Motor Grader in a container.

When dismantling and shipping motor graders overseas in a container, the cab and other easily removable parts are taken off in order for the unit to fit inside a container.
Container dismantling for international construction equipment shipping saves money!

When looking for international shipping companies for motor graders, turn to K International Transport.  We are one of the best overseas shipping companies in the USA providing international shipping services for motor graders from the United States. To receive international motor grader shipping costs contact us at 212-267-6400 or by email at  Located overseas and want to talk to one of our international shipping experts?  Contact us live on Skype at: kinternationalny Skype Me™!