How to Ship to Hong from the United States – International Shipping Services to Hong Kong

Do you have a customer in Hong Kong interested in purchasing your products but you are unsure how to ship to them?  Have a full container of cargo you need to ship to Hong Kong from the United States?  Do you have large machinery or construction equipment too big to fit inside a container and you need help shipping it from your facility in the USA to Hong Kong?  With over 25 years of international shipping services, we can help you ship machinery, plastics, consumer goods, electronics, hazardous goods, construction equipment, full container, breakbulk and all other types of cargo from the United States to Hong Kong!

As one of the busiest regions in the world, Hong Kong receives millions of tonnes of cargo from the USA every year

International Shipping Services to Hong Kong

As one of the busiest ports in the world, there is a ton of international shipping options to Hong Kong.  Affordable international shipping service to Hong Kong is available from all major ports in the United States.  Among the different types of shipping service available to Hong Kong include:

  • International container shipping service to Hong Kong from the ports of New York, Boston, Baltimore, Norfolk, Charleston, Savannah, Jacksonville, Miami, Houston, New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco / Oakland, and Seattle.  We can also offer rail service from inland locations in Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Denver, and Memphis.  20’/40’/40′ High Cube containers are available.  We can ship all types of commercial products overseas to Hong Kong in shipping containers.
  • Roll-On / Roll-Off shipping service to Hong Kong for rolling cargo including vehicles, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, machinery and other heavy equipment.
  • International breakbulk shipping service for large static equipment including machinery and heavy equipment to Hong Kong from the USA
  • Less than container load / container consolidation service for smaller items 
  • Expedited international air freight service to Hong Kong from most major airports in the USA

We can handle all types of cargo to Hong Kong and we can also assist with large-scale cargo shipping projects.  We can deliver a container to your door for delivery, pick-up cargo for LCL container consolidation shipping and pick-up your machinery or construction equipment for shipping to Hong Kong.  For more information on our international ocean and/or air freight shipping service to Hong Kong or to receive international shipping rates from the USA to Hong Kong, send an email to or give us a call at 212-267-6400 or Skype:kinternationalny

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