How to Ship to Malaysia from the United States

How to Ship to Malaysia from the United States

Are you interested in shipping to Malaysia from the United States?  Need help shipping machinery and other commercial goods to Malaysia?  Unsure of which port in Malaysia you should ship to?  Located in Southeast Asia, the country of Malaysia is the only country in Asia that is located on mainland Asia as well as various islands throughout.  The capital city of Kuala Lumpur is one of the fastest growing cities in Asia.  With the United States as a key trade partner, each year millions of dollars worth of electronic machinery, plastics, chemicals, industrial engines, medical equipment, sporting goods, drilling and oilfield equipment is shipped to Malaysia from the USA each year.  With all this cargo being shipped back and forth, K International can help you determine the best international shipping service to Malaysia for your cargo.

The geography of Malaysia might make your head spin, but the country is one of the most prolific nations in Southeast Asia.


A Brief Geography Lesson – The Major Ports of Malaysia

Taking a look at the map you might wonder, which port do I ship to for my customer in Kuala Lumpur or Kota Kinabalu?  Malaysia has several seaports throughout, so here is a list of the major ports:

Port Klang (Kelang)

Port Klang is the major shipping port of Malaysia and one of the busiest shipping ports in the world!  Strategically located near the capital city, Port Klang is ideal for sellers looking for international shipping services to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  Port Klang is also the major roll-on / roll-off and breakbulk port of Malaysia.  If you need assistance with heavy equipment shipping from the United States to Malaysia, you will most likely need to ship to Port Klang.  Breakbulk shipping is for heavy machinery and other cargo that is not roll-able and is too big to fit inside a container.  Large machinery  and other equipment can be shipped using breakbulk international shipping service from the United States to Port Klang, Malaysia.

Port of Penang

The port of Penang, like Port Klang, is located on peninsular Malaysia and is one of the largest and most strategic ports in Southeast Asia. Port Penang is situated in the northern part of peninsular Malaysia and serves as a link to over 200 ports around the globe.  We can ship general commercial cargo in containers from east and west coasts of the United States to the port of Penang in Malaysia.

The port of Penang is one of the major ports on peninsular Malaysia.  Container shipping service is available from the United States to Malaysia.

Port of Labuan

Labuan is the major port for East Malaysia located on Borneo island.  International container shipping service is available to Labuan from the east coast, west coast and gulf coast of the United States.  If you are looking to ship machinery, plastics, engines or sporting goods to East Malaysia from the USA, Labuan is your best destination port!

Port of  Pasir Gudang 

If you are looking to ship to the southern tip of peninsular Malaysia, your best bet is to ship to the port of Pasir Gudang.  The port services the city of Johor Bahru, the second largest city in Malaysia and very close to the nation of Singapore.  Container shipping service is available to this port from the United States.

International Shipping Services to Malaysia

As one of the leading international shipping companies in the United States, K International is able to provide you with affordable and reliable international shipping service and rates to Malaysia from anywhere in the continental USA.  Among the many different types of international shipping services we provide to Malaysia include:

  • International container shipping service to Malaysia.  We can ship commercial cargo and other goods inside twenty-foot (20′), forty-foot (40′) and forty-foot high-cube (40’HC) containers.
  • International breakbulk shipping service to Malaysia.  Need help shipping cargo to Malaysia, but it’s too big to fit inside a container?  We can help with breakbulk shipping service to Malaysia
  • International construction equipment and heavy machinery shipping service to Malaysia.  If you need help shipping a Caterpillar, Komatsu or other type of construction equipment or machinery to Malaysia we can offer affordable roll-on / roll-off and container shipping service.
  • International container consolidation / less than container load shipping.  Do you need to ship cargo to Malaysia but it’s not enough to fill up an entire container?  Utilize our affordable shared container consolidation service to Malaysia and pay a fraction of the cost of a full container

Need to ship to Kuala Lumpur or any other location in Malaysia?  Contact K International today to receive an international shipping quote to Malaysia from the United States.

For more information on our international shipping services to Malaysia, contact us at 212-267-6400, via Skype at kinternationalny or send an email to  Visit our website for more information on international car, construction equipment, high-heavy, machinery and container shipping service from the United States to destinations worldwide!  Receive an international shipping rate to Malaysia within 1-2 business days!