How to Transport Furniture and other Personal Effects Overseas

International Construction Equipment Shipping Services

When clients express interest in taking advantage of international shipping services, they typically visualize the overseas transport of automobiles or high-heavy construction equipment via large vessels and ships. However, experienced and reliable freight forwarders can also help clients transport various other goods, including commercial products, furniture of all sizes and weights, and other personal effects such as clothing and other household equipment.

To accomplish this feat, clients often have virtually hassle-free experiences because of the dedication and support of international shipping companies. They will often need documentation from clients including a packing list of all cargo that is being shipped, photo identification of both the shipper and the consignee, and a completed power of attorney form to allow the company to handle these matters. The nature of the cargo will help the freight forwarder and the shipper determine the size of the container that will be needed, as well as to determine whether it will be shared or used solely for the client’s cargo.

The company will likely take care of the rest, including arranging the shipment within the client’s desired budget, schedule, and shipping line availability, as well as customs clearance and export formalities at the U.S port and the international port. Many freight forwarders can also help with loading and unloading costs as well as inland trucking and transportation.